InVideo is a video creation platform that simplifies video making with ready-made templates that can be quickly customized. It offers 5000+ professionally created templates for any use case, along with single-click shortcuts for adding media, removing backgrounds, and applying brand colors and fonts. InVideo’s AI-based Text-to-Video editor allows users to convert scripts, articles, or blogs into videos in minutes and resize them for any aspect ratio to post on any platform.

The platform also offers features such as voiceovers, collaboration tools, and access to stock media. InVideo aims to help users grow their brands by planning and executing a video content strategy that increases exposure, awareness, and engagement. It also provides a way to turn video into a monetizable asset to gain new customers and scale businesses, while saving time and optimizing workflow.

In addition to the online video editor, InVideo offers a mobile app for editing on the go and provides around-the-clock human support, YouTube and Instagram tutorials, Udemy courses, and a Facebook community of creators for feedback on videos. InVideo has a range of templates and tools for creating various types of videos, including marketing, business, real estate, and social media ads. The platform offers a Business Plan and an Unlimited Plan, both of which come with various features and pricing options.

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